Christina Chia


Christina Chia is Associate Director at the John Hope Franklin Humanities Institute (FHI) at Duke University. She received her PhD in English from Duke in 2004 and joined the Institute in 2006. At the FHI she has administered a broad range of interdisciplinary programs, including the Humanities Laboratories (rotating multi-year projects which bring faculty, graduate students, and undergraduates together in collaborative research), the Duke-North Carolina Central University Digital Humanities Fellowships (which promote digital pedagogy and scholarship at NCCU as well as Duke-NCCU exchanges), and Humanities Futures (a 4-year Mellon Foundation funded initiative exploring the future of humanities research in an interdisciplinary age). A member of the Associate Directors and Administrators Network of the Consortium of Humanities Centers and Institutes (CHCI), she participates regularly in panels and workshops on humanities administration and non-faculty academic careers.

In addition to her administrative work, she maintains a strong intellectual interest in the social worlds human beings share with non-humans. Trained in American literature and critical race/ethnic studies, she is particularly interested in how multispecies relations shape and are shaped by hierarchies among human beings. In 2013 she was part of an interdisciplinary group that curated Recording the Anthropocene, a public exhibit exploring scientific, cultural, and artistic visions of the planetary impact of the human species. She has taught courses in Duke’s English Department, Program in Women's Studies, and Center for Documentary Studies.