Community Engagement Grants

Community Engagement grants provide up to $3,500 to support the implementation of public humanities projects.

Formerly known as Grassroots Grants, typical expenses for this category include scholar stipends, scholar travel/meals/lodging, publicity, exhibit fabrication, and certain other expenses connected with the implementation of a public humanities engagement project of limited scope.

Project formats can include, but are not limited to, lecture/discussion series, exhibitions, presentations and workshops. The Council encourages programs which serve educators, veterans, and underserved communities in North Carolina.

  • Projects are expected to connect the public and quality humanities scholarship through programs that respond to community interest, encourage dialogue, and stimulate audiences to think critically about a broad range of humanities topics.
  • Projects are expected to engage diverse audiences in the exploration of their personal and collective stories, asking fundamental questions about identity, work and culture.
  • Projects are expected to provide a larger cultural, historical, and analytical framework to support critical thinking and foster more informed, understanding, and engaged citizens.

The Council encourages competitive proposal which:

  • Encourage partnerships with other institutions such as local cultural organizations, broadcast media stations, cultural heritage centers, universities and community colleges, veterans’ centers, and libraries. 
  • Foster more informed and engaged citizens by using humanities-based cultural, historic and analytic frameworks.
  • Engage either deep, community-focused subjects that address topics that are relevant to the community and draw connections to broad themes or historical trends

2020 Community Engagement Grant Cycle Deadlines

Two Community Engagement grants cycles are offered this year with the following deadlines. To be eligible for consideration, projects must begin AT LEAST eight weeks after the submission deadline.

  • Jan 23, 2020 at 11:59 PM

  • Sept 10, 2020 at 11:59 PM

Submission Instructions

  1. Please review the Council's 2020 Grant Guidelines before applying. 
  2. Review the application instructions and FAQs then watch this video tutorial on the application process.
  3. Get started on your application in our online application system.
    • A. If you are new to the online system, please create an account prior to applying. Once you have created your account and are logged in to your Applicant Dashboard, click "Apply" in the upper left-hand corner to view an alphabetical list of all open Council opportunities. Please bookmark the login page for ease of access.
    • B. If you have previously created an account, please click here to login. Once on your Applicant Dashboard click "Apply" in the upper left-hand corner to view an alphabetical list of all open Council opportunities. Please bookmark the login page for ease of access.
  4. Schedule a phone consultation with Council staff as you prepare your proposal. Click here to schedule.
  5. Submit your grant proposal for a review cycle by the posted deadline. Please note, activities for which you are requesting funding should begin at least eight weeks from the submission deadline.

Incomplete applications will not be reviewed. Submission of an application does not guarantee approval.

Please note: while we are always available for questions, a full staff review of an applicant's draft proposal is only available upon request until 3 weeks prior to a submission deadline.

Decisions are typically announced a month after submission via electronic notification through your Applicant Dashboard in our online application management system.