Bull City 150: Reckoning With Durham's Past to Build a More Equitable Future

This grant supports the Bull City 150 project’s mission to invite Durhamites to reckon with the racial and economic injustices of the past 150 years, and commit to building a more equitable future. The project presents original historical research through public exhibitions, where visitors can explore their shared history together, in public. Bull City 150’s exhibitions allow visitors to delve into Durham’s history through first-hand encounters with images, archival documents, sound recordings, maps, data visualizations, and hands-on interactives. Carefully researched and curated, the project’s exhibitions connect with visitors on an intellectual and emotional level by sharing personal stories of everyday Durhamites alongside evidence of the broader social and economic conditions that shaped their lives. By relating the past to their own lives in the present, visitors are invited to learn about local inequality and contribute to critical, historically-grounded dialogue about the future of their city.

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