Roots & Routes: Stories of Refugees and Migration in the High Country

This grant supports a series of popular education workshops, for the migant community participants will share, explore, and learn from one another’s migration experiences. People’s stories are expressions of their lives. By making connections to others’ stories, we come closer to understanding how they experience the world and increase our capacity for empathy. For decades, migrants and refugees to NC have helped to build our roads, grow our food, and care for our elders, but their stories and humanity remain invisible to many residents. Their experiences and voices are missing from our schools, libraries, museums, and other cultural venues. The state’s growing Latinx population is well-documented; however, few people are aware that NC is home to the fourth largest Hmong population in the US. The project will consist of two interrelated phases: 1) a series of popular education workshops with Latinx and Hmong migrants and refugees; and 2) educational curricula development. By processing and sharing their experiences with others, migrants and refugees engage in an important act of identity claiming and construction; they shape the narrative that gets told about their lives. Through this shared dialogue, participants will create spaces for individual reflection, empathy, and consciousness raising.