The Talk

This grant supports dialogue around “The Talk,” a project that weaves together s scholarly work as a and draws on the voices of ancestors, elders, youths, and intellectuals to engage in the difficult conversations that we must have with children to prepare them to survive and thrive in a racialized America. This piece combines elements of poetry, theatrical dramatization, mediated images, and performance ethnography to analyze the current state of racial affairs in the U.S., and how these affairs collide, penetrate, intercept, and sometimes coalesce with the process of identity formation and transfer for black youth. 

The project seeks to humanize unique aspects of the American and black American experience while challenging audience members and performer to grapple with the tensions that perpetuate existing racial hierarchies and misunderstandings. Following each performance is a talkback featuring a panel of experts including scholars, local law enforcement, educators, and civic leaders. By engaging an audience in storytelling and conversation, "The Talk" aims to both educate and connect the community.