Hephzibah Roskelly

Hepsie Roskelly

Hephzibah Roskelly, the Class of 1952 Distinguished Professor in English, teaches courses in rhetoric and composition and American literature and culture at UNC Greensboro. Her special interests include pedagogy, literacy, theories of composition, and gender studies; and she works with high school teachers and students across the country in Advanced Placement programs. She is author of five books, Breaking (Into) the Circle; Reason to Believe: Romanticism, Pragmatism and the Possibility of Teaching (with Kate Ronald); An Unquiet Pedagogy (with Eleanor Kutz); Farther Along: Transforming Dichotomies in Rhetoric and Composition (with Kate Ronald); and Everyday Use: Rhetoric in Reading and Writing (with David Jolliffe) which came out in its second edition in 2008. Roskelly's recent graduate courses include: Social Construction Theory & Collaboration, Reading Theory & Writing Theory, Romanticism & Pragmatism, Women’s Rhetoric & Feminist Pedagogy. She has been honored as the Linda Carlisle Distinguished Excellence Professor at UNC Greensboro and has won the Outstanding Teaching Award for the university. In 2012, she won the University of North Carolina's Board of Governor's Teaching Award.