Marian Fragola

Marian Fragola 2.26.16

Marian is the director of program planning and outreach at the NCSU Libraries at NC State University. Fragola provides programming that builds connections and networks between the NCSU Libraries and the university community. She plans and manages three speaker series and a variety of programs and events, such as student performances for Banned Books Week. She also oversaw the North Carolina Literary Festival when it was hosted by the NCSU Libraries in April 2014.

Prior to coming to NC State in 2010, Marian was the Adult Programming and Humanities Coordinator at the Durham County Library, where she created and delivered programs in literature, history, and the arts, reflecting the diverse constituency of Durham County. Previously, she was Associate Campaign Director at Coxe Curry & Associates, Atlanta's oldest fundraising firm, providing campaign counsel and management services for nonprofit fundraising campaigns ranging from $1.5 to $13 million. Earlier, she served as Development Associate for the Carolina Theatre of Durham and as Broadcast Coordinator/Copywriter for Belk in the Triad.

Marian’s program “Poetry for Everyone” was awarded the Achievement Award by the National Association of Counties and the Outstanding Adult Program Award by the North Carolina Public Library Directors Association. In 2009, her article, “Intergroup Dynamics: Librarians and Paraprofessionals in the Workplace” was published in Library Leadership and Management. She holds the M.S.L.S. from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, the Bachelor of Arts in English, magna cum laude from Washington University, and is a member of Phi Beta Kappa. She lives in Chapel Hill with her husband, Jeremy Arkin, and her two dogs.