Road Scholars Programs Expanded

Douglas A. Jackson, MM

Road Scholars is even better, with 25 programs and 10 scholars newly added. Browse the online Road Scholars catalog to find presentations on a wide range of topics for your group to explore and enjoy. Pictured: Road Scholar Douglas A. Jackson. 

Omar Ali, Ph.D.

Understanding Black History as American History

The Many Faces of Islam: Beyond the Headlines

Giles Harrison-Conwill, Ph.D.

Diverse Democracies: Understanding Venezuelan Democracy in the US

Douglas A. Jackson, MM

Max Roach: Jazz Drummer and North Carolina Native

Trumpet and Cornet: Influences on Jazz

Susan Ketchin, M.A.T.

God In Southern Story and Song: Spirituality and Music in Literature of the American South

Writing Creatively: Writing Your Spiritual Autobiography

Four “Christ-Haunted” Writers Today

Jessie G. Lutz, Ph.D.

Religion in Twentieth Century China

Angela Robbins Marritt, Ph.D.

Women’s Work in the Early New South

“The Biggest Thing Ever Seen or Dreamed of in North Carolina”: Women’s Work and the New South Vision at the North Carolina State Exposition of 1884

Public Appearances: Women, the Law, and Court in the Post-Civil War South

Elisha T. Minter

The Kwanzaa Experience

Poetry Pickin’s

Jonathan Sarris, Ph.D.

What If?: Counterfactual Scenarios in the American Civil War

The Reasons Why: The Motivations of Civil War Soldiers

Ed Southern

The Race to the Dan: The Retreat That Won the Revolution

John Sullivan, Ph.D.

Becoming an Elder: Welcoming the Gifts of Later Life

Exploring Faith Traditions Through Parables and Teaching Stories

Celtic Journeying: New Practices to Care for the Good, Green Earth