Humanities Moments Series

At the North Carolina Humanities Council we fund and promote access to public humanities programs, but what exactly are the humanities?

Check out this video series to find out!

The North Carolina Humanities Council sat down with some of our program participants to help define the humanities and how they transform their worlds. All share stories of how the humanities connect us as individuals to a larger society by exploring our shared experiences. 

"Democracy demands wisdom and vision in its citizens."
(National Foundation on the Arts and the Humanities Act of l965)

Through discussion and study, we are able to relate to and celebrate cultures and peoples across different geographic regions and time periods. The humanities are essential to a strong democratic society. They help us to creatively solve problems and allow us to learn from our past and imagine our shared future. The humanities enable people to process and document the human experience and are explored through literature, history, philosophy, art history, language, ethics and more.