2017 North Carolina Humanities Council Trustee Nominations

The North Carolina Humanities Council invites nominations for the Council's Board of Trustees. Candidates must be North Carolina residents committed to advancing the North Carolina Humanities Council’s mission to serve as an advocate for lifelong learning and thoughtful dialogue about all facets of human life and to facilitate the exploration and celebration of the many voices and stories of North Carolina’s cultures and heritage.

The North Carolina Humanities Council seeks a balanced membership for its Board of Trustees. Nominees are considered in terms of the membership of the board as a whole: race, gender, and region are taken into account. Some trustees must be humanities scholars; some must be representative of the general public, including business, civic, and community organizations. The current North Carolina Humanities Council Board of Trustees includes business people and community activists, writers, college and university administrators, and professors. This diversity enables the Council to respond effectively to the changing needs and interests of North Carolinians.

Roles and Responsibilities of Humanities Council Trustees

North Carolina Humanities Council trustees’ primary responsibilities include strategic planning, fundraising, allocating grant funds, evaluating programs, and promoting the activities of the North Carolina Humanities Council. North Carolina Humanities Council trustees are expected to attend several Council-supported programs every year in their community or region. They must be available to travel to quarterly meetings of the full Board of Trustees as well as occasional interim committee meetings. Trustees serve without pay but are reimbursed for travel expenses. Members are eligible to serve two three-year terms.

Criteria for Election to the North Carolina Humanities Council

The North Carolina Humanities Council seeks in prospective trustees an impressive record of commitment to the humanities as well as the capacity to advance the North Carolina Humanities Council’s mission. Trustees give generously of their time and energy in carrying out the varied responsibilities of a hard-working Board, in fundraising and promotion, and in oversight and evaluation. The North Carolina Humanities Council is guided by what it defines as promoting the common good of North Carolina rather than by any affiliation with one constituency, institution, or community.

Nomination Process

Candidates may be self-nominated or nominated by North Carolinians who support the work of the North Carolina Humanities Council. The Council requires a completed Nomination Form with the documents listed and any letters of support. Please confirm your nominee’s interest in serving on the Council before submitting nomination materials. Nominations must be received in the North Carolina Humanities Council office by July 7, 2017 to be considered for election to a three-year term beginning November 1, 2017.

Please direct nominations or inquiries to:

Paula Watkins, Executive Director
North Carolina Humanities Council
320 E. 9th Street, Suite 414
Charlotte, NC 28202