Let's Talk About It

Let's Talk About It

Let's Talk About It (LTAI) is a library discussion series that brings scholars and community members together to explore how selected books, films, or poetry illuminate a particular theme.

Let's Talk About It is available as a book, film or poetry series.

Book Series: A nine-week reading and discussion series that includes five books that is held every other week and led by a new scholar each week.

Film Series: A six-week film and discussion series that is held weekly and led by one scholar.

Poetry Series: A six-week reading-audio/video-discussion program that is held weekly and led by one scholar.

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The Let's Talk About It series is sponsored by the North Carolina Humanities Council in cooperation with the North Carolina Center for the Book.

This exciting series uses award-winning documentary films and text to involve the public in a study of the impact of science and technology in the 20th century. Programs focus on the rapid introduction of...

In this series, we will explore one of the most puzzling features of the human condition - romantic love. Whether destructive or redemptive, romantic love has the potential to transform us in some way, however briefly.

The decade of the 1960s was the most turbulent, perhaps the most memorable, and no doubt the most controversial in the twentieth century. The debate over its legacy has by no means been resolved; it...

Whenever Southern literature is discussed, North Carolina writers figure prominently. This series will invite us to deepen our appreciation for the South from the perspective of some of the strongest works of authors who call this state...

Programs include viewing of video interviews with North Carolina poets from the Poetry Live! television series produced by WUNC-TV and hosted by Danny Romine Powell and Charles Kuralt.

This video series provides outstanding visual interpretations of the poetry of 13 modern American poets including Robert Frost, Ezra Pound, Langston Hughes and Emily Dickinson.

These hour-long videos were originally broadcast as...

Since the establishment of New World colonies by Europeans, America has been seen as a grand experiment. The very size and geographic diversity of the country reinforce notions of greatness and power and potential.

Sometimes historical facts alone are not enough to evoke the truth of the past -- perhaps this is what Walt Whitman meant when he claimed of the Civil War that 'the real war will never get into the books.' In these selections...

This series will offer us the opportunity to reflect on "scientific" predictions that often can be disturbingly accurate and to examine our attitudes toward science and its societal by-products.

By 1861, ideas about what America was and what it meant to be an American - the essence of nationalism - led to civil war. In this series, we will consider the price of sectional reconciliation as well as what the Civil WarÕs legacy is...