Beyond 12 Years a Slave: The Influential Slave Narratives of Tar Heels Moses Roper, Harriet Jacobs, and William H. Singleton

In this presentation by history educator Laurel Sneed, the audience will learn about three courageous African American Tar Heels who escaped to freedom and authored slave narratives: Harriet Jacobs, of Edenton; Moses Roper, of Caswell County; and William H. Singleton, of New Bern. Sneed will discuss how these three slave narrative authors left their mark on the North American Slave Narrative Literary Tradition. Slave narratives' mission was to convert the hearts and minds of readers so they would become supportive of the anti-slavery cause. As the narratives are often dismissed as "anti-slavery propaganda", she will share what research has revealed about their veracity.  Sneed will explore the book 12 Years a Slave by Solomon Northup, now a highly acclaimed film of the same name, and how it compares to these three Tar Heel narratives.

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