Billy Yeargin, Jr., M.L.S.

Billy Yeargin

Lecturer on American tobacco culture, Professor for Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at Duke University

Billy Yeargin is a former Headmaster at Oak Ridge Military Academy in Oak Ridge, NC. He teaches Southern Culture for Osher Lifelong Learning program at Duke University. He was former Executive Director of the Tobacco Growers Information Committee, was a spokesman for the US Tobacco Growers, and was Agriculture Liaison to NC Governor James Hunt, Jr. He has also been Executive Director of the North Carolina Sweet Potato Commission. He graduated from Oak Ridge Military Academy, holds an M.A. in Liberal Studies from Duke University and has studied European History and Politics at the University of Oxford, Oxfordshire, UK. He created and directed the World Tobacco Auctioneers Championship for RJ Reynolds Tobacco Company. He has published two books on North Carolina tobacco culture: North Carolina Tobacco, a History and Remembering North Carolina Tobacco.

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