Bob Plott

Bob Plott

Author, public speaker, descendent of family of breeders of plott hounds for 200 years

Bob Plott is a  North Carolina native who can trace his family roots in the Old North State back to 1750 when his great-great-great grandfather, Johannes George Plott, arrived here with five of the family's prized hunting dogs. The dogs would later become an officially recognized UKC and AKC breed and were designated as the official state dog of NC in 1989, as well as being widely recognized as the premier big game hunting dog in America today.

Bob is the award winning author of four books -- that have been sold in all 50 states and 11 foreign countries -- as well as numerous magazine articles, including two monthly columns for national publications.

In addtion, Bob has conducted his exceptionally well received historical programs across the southeast, and he continues to perpetuate his family legacy of raising Plott hounds today --a tradition that has been maintained by the Plott family in NC for more than two centuries. Please visit his website, for further program details, book reviews and program testimonials.

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