Grandfather Mountain: The Old Man of the Blue Ridge

For more than two generations, Grandfather Mountain has been billed as "Carolina's Top Scenic Attraction." The attraction portion of the mountain draws tens of thousands of visitors each year, coming from far and wide to visit the Mildred the Bear Animal Habitat and the Mile High Swinging Bridge. Yet there is so much more to Grandfather Mountain and its past, present, and future.  Many an explorer, from hunters like Daniel Boone  to early naturalists like Elisha Mitchell and Asa Gray, tramped through the area. The numerous caves on Grandfather hid refugees and escaped prisoners of war during the Civil War. In the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, loggers stripped much of the mountain bare of timber. In 1924, locals gathered for a Sunday School sing-along now known as Singing on the Mountain, which celebrates its 90th anniversary in 2014. In 1955, the Grandfather Mountain Highland Games and Gathering of Scottish Clans started on McRae Meadows on Grandfather's slopes. In 2009, a large portion of the backcountry of Grandfather Mountain became the Grandfather Mountain State Park. Join award-winning author Michael C. Hardy on an hour-long visual history of the old man of the Blue Ridge -- Grandfather Mountain.


microphone, digital projector