Lumbee Pinecone Patchwork: Riffs on Tradition

Using images and actual fabric examples of quilting, this presentation will showcase the design and materials used to make pine cone patchwork and how Lumbee Indians adapted this unusual patchwork pattern for regalia and display pieces to mark their identity as Lumbee. After explaining basic quilting terms, Dr. Coronado delves into the history and significance of the pine cone patchwork pattern in the United States, especially in the Southeast. Quilts made by the Indian ancestors of the Lumbee in this pattern and examples of Lumbee regalia--clothing worn for special occasions--depict pine cone patchwork motifs and trims, and will be displayed using images. Dr. Coronado will demonstrate the steps for how a pine cone patchwork block is made, and show the various methods of folding the fabric to create unique shapes. The lecture examines how historic Lumbee quilting traditions continue to be important today. Contemporary pine cone patchwork is used for hair accessories, wall art, and sculpture in fabric, paper and metal, and pine cone motifs in Lumbee jewelry and graphic design.

Microphone and Digital Projector