U-Boats: Shadows in the Moonlight

Selected by German High Command, Cape Hatteras became a central area of German submarine activity in the early years of World War II.   From January through July of 1942, approximately 50 German U-boats operated off of North Carolina’s coast.  During this six month period, German submarines sank at least 80 freighters and tankers, sending the boats to the “Graveyard of the Atlantic." The attacks during this time also resulted in many military and civilian casualties.  For the first three months, the American response to this coastal threat was virtually non-existent.  During this presentation, Jim Bunch, a leading authority on U-85, explains why Cape Hatteras became the focal point of naval battles with German submarines off the eastern American coast.  Capturing the time from January to July of 1942 month by month, this presentation examines the tremendous toll the U-boat campaign had on American ships, war supplies, and human life.  Lastly, this presentation analyzes the American response and the eventual withdrawal of the U-boats in July of 1942. 

Digital projector, computer, screen/display