Winter - Spring 2012

Winter - Spring 2012

From the Corner of Elm and Friendly

Title: From the Corner of Elm and Friendly

Creator: Shelley Crisp

Subject: public humanities, programs, grants, stories, Linda Flowers, John Parker, community

Description: Executive Director, Shelley Crisp, introduces the publication by citing the legacy and reach of the North Carolina Humanities Council over its 40-year history. 

Contributor: John Parker


John Tyler Caldwell Award for the Humanities

Title: North Carolina Humanities Council Celebrates David Price as the 2011 Caldwell Laureate

Creator: David Price

Subject: John Tyler Caldwell Award, Hans Frei, ethics, Peter Walker, E.P. Douglass, William Lee Miller, Yale Divinity School, Frederick Watkins, Roger Masters, David Calleo, Sidney Ahlstrom, Staughton Lynd, political science, political theory, antifederalist movement, Bernard Bailyn, Gordon Wood, power, communitarian, Josiah Royce, Charles Horton Cooley, Herbert Croly, W.E.B. Dubois, John Dewey, Abraham Lincoln, Reinhold Neibuhr, religious reservation.

Description: David Price gives his acceptance remarks on receiving the 2011 Caldwell Award for the Humanities.



Title:  Many Voices:  The Story of One State

Creator: North Carolina Humanities Council

Subject: We the People grants, We the People: Conversations on Identity, Culture and History in North Carolina, humanities programs, essays, North Carolina Stories: A Digital Journey of Our State, digital preservation, John Parker, voices

Description:  As the National Endowment for the Humanities We the People grants phase out, the North Carolina Humanities Council begins a new digital preservation grants program that seeks to preserve and honor North Carolina voices. 


Title:  Why Am I a North Carolinian

Creator:  Melton McLaurin

Subject:  personal identities, Tar Heel, childhood, youth, culture, character, stream-of-consciousness, remembrance, heritage, sense of belonging

Description:  In this stream-of-consciousness piece, Melton McLaurin, professor emeritus of history at UNC Wilmingoton and the former chair of the NC Humanities Council, remembers his heritage and the formative influences that make up his identity as a North Carolinian. 


Title:  Even the Dead Will Not Be Safe

Creator: Charles D. Thompson, Jr.

Subject:  ancestors, images, past, representation, documentary, human story, sharing, information

Description:  Charles D. Thompson, Jr., Director of Education and Curriculum Development at Duke University’s Center for Documentary Studies, reflects on the value of sacred memories, the importance of documenting the past, and the stakes of neglecting to do so. 


Title:  Traditional Agrarian Discourse

Creator: Gary Freeze

Subject:  voice, humanist, accent, agrarian, discourse, experience, urban condition, sectionalism, East, West, “two North Carolinas”, identity, past, future,

Description:  Gary Freeze, a Catawba College Professor of History, recounts a defining moment in a Chicago library that led to his quest as a North Carolina humanist and the recognition of North Carolinians shared agrarian experience. 


Title:  Who Speaks for My Ancestors and Who Will Tell My Grandchildren?

Creator:  Nyoni Collins

Subject:  family, mementoes, Ma Catherine, photograph, Africa, slavery, WPA, oral histories, African American, journey, community, legacy, grandchildren

Description:  Nyoni Collins, project director for a 2002 Robeson County oral history project entitled “Remembering the Rosenwalds,” reflects on historical connection to memory and the importance of continuing community legacy.


Title:  Claiming Home

Creator:  Dorothy Spruill Redford

Subject:  Fred Littlejohn, Dorothy Littlejohn, Columbia, North, Jim Crow, West Indians, segregated, Somerset Place, family history, public dialogue, National Endowment for the Humanities, heritage, culture,

Description:  The 1998 Caldwell Laureate and former director of Somerset Place, Dorothy Spruill Redford writes on her family’s purposeful exit from the Jim Crow South, as well as her own struggle with her North Carolina identity and eventual reclaiming of her Columbia, North Carolina roots. 


Road Scholars

Title:  The Mu’azzin’s Song: Islam and the African Diaspora of the Indian Ocean

Creator: Omar H. Ali

Subject:  North Africa, azan, Muslim, prayer, mu’azzin, ummah, community, Arabic, Arabia, Bilal ibn Rabah, slave, transatlantic slave trade, Prophet Muhammed, African diaspora, Indian Ocean, Koran, Islam, Asia, 16th century, captives

Description:  Omar H. Ali, a historian at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro and a North Carolina Humanities Council Road Scholar, writes about the lesser known African Diaspora of the Indian Ocean and its role in the spread of Islam.


Let's Talk About It

Title: A Scholar’s View: A Visitation of Sprits

Creator: Joseph Bathani

Subject:  Let’s Talk About It, Mitchell County Library, Bakersville, Cindy Sharpe, The Oaks, Roan Mountain, library, A Visitation of Spirits, Randall Keenan, Horace Cross, haunted house

Description:  Humanities Council trustee, Appalachian State University professor of creative writing and a Let’s Talk About It facilitator, Joseph Bathanti, recounts his 1997 Let’s Talk About It event in Bakersville, NC that left him with thoughts of haunted houses and Randall Keenan’s A Visitation of Spirits


Linda Flowers Literary Award

Title: Mill Creek Suite

Creator: Nancy Drew Taylor

Subject: “At an East Dance for Returning Soldiers, 1919”, “A Crown Complex as Weavings”, “Dinner on Montford Avenue, Asheville, NC, Christmas, 1919”, “Old Fort to Ridgecrest, 1925”, “Night Storm at the Bear’s Cave, 1927”, “Day Two”, “On the Train, Doc DuBose Makes Notes”, “Song of Water”, “Ellen’s Secrets”, “Awakening”, “Return”, “Ulmann to Niles, 1929”, “Ellen Follows Ulmann into Deep Woods”, “Frank Leaves a Note to Ellen’s Apron Pocket”, “Oak Dresser”, “Ridgecrest to Old Fort, 1931”, “At Mill Creek”

Description:  Nancy Drew Taylor is the 2011 Linda Flowers Literary Award; her poems in Mill Creek Suite depict the lives of those she came to know while living in Asheville, NC.


Teachers Institute

Title:  Laying Down Tracks: Moving from “Good Roads” to “Good Modes”

Creator: Rachel Willis

Subject: “Good Roads State”, Department of Transportation, “Good Modes State”, Joseph Caldwell, eas-west rail line, NC Railroad, Piedmont Crescent, freight, passengers, Roosevelt, Works Project Administration, train, strategy, transit services, Triangle Transit Authority, infrastructure, Governor James Hunt, AMTRAK, NC DOT Rail Division, LYNX light-rail, cost-effective, smart planning, jobs, public mass transportation, choices

Description:  Rachel Willis, a UNC Chapel Hill professor, outlines North Carolina’s rail history and the need for smart planning and investing in train services and public mass transportation choices.


Title: AlumNews

Creator: North Carolina Humanities Council  (?? Or Kathryn Newfont?)

Subject:  Teachers Institute, professional, Geneva Baker, Robeson County, Joy Kinley, Yadkin County, Tim McDonough, Durham County, Theresa Pierce, Rowan, Salisbury, Sam Yates, Richmond County Tammy Young, Buncombe County

Description:  Professionals for the North Carolina Humanities Council Teachers Institute share news from their professional lives. 


Title:  Core Sound Findings: 2011 Summer Seminar Impact

Creator: North Carolina Humanities Council

Subject:  participants, 2011, Teachers Institute, seminar, “Core Sound: A People and a Place of Change and Courage”, Core Sound Waterfowl Museum and Heritage Center, workshop, experience, Standard Course of Study, Gazelia Carter, Craven County, Mary Jo Edwards, Carteret County, Daniel Loftis, Winston-Salem Forsyth County, Thomas Stewart, Lenoir County, Jennifer Linn, Kannapolis City, Quinn McLaughlin, Lindley Swift, GTCC, Michelle Hunt, Caldwell County, Slyvia Wright, Yadkin County

Description:  Participants from the Teachers Institute 2011 Summer Seminar, “Core Sound: A People and a Place of Change and Courage,” share classroom and professional plans resulting from the Institute’s intensive study.


Museum on Main Street

Title: Journey Stories Arrives

Creator: North Carolina Humanities Council

Subject:  collaboration, Smithsonian Institution, North Carolina Humanities Council, William Withuhn, National Museum of American History, exhibition, travel, immigration, migration, innovation, freedom, stories, intersection, society

Description:  A collaboration between the North Carolina Humanities Council, the Smithsonian Institution, and rural sites statewide, Journey Stories is a traveling exhibit that examines the intersection between modes of travel and Americans’ desire to feel free to move.


Title: Journeys with The Green Book

Creator: Nancy Van Dolsen

Subject: North Carolina Museum of the Coastal Plain, Wilson, Jim Crow, journey, The Negro Motorist Green Book, Victor Green, discrimination, segregation, travel guide, East Carolina University Center for Sustainable Tourism, Derek H. Alderman, RESET, heritage, Richard Kennedy, African American, mapping, “Forced and Unforced Journeys”

Description:  Director of the North Carolina Museum of the Coastal Plain in Wilson, North Carolina, Nancy Van Dolsen, writes on the exhibit “Forced and Unforced Journeys,” which will accompany the Journey Stories exhibit in Wilson.


Title: North Carolina Transportation Stories Abound

Creator: Martha Jackson

Subject:  North Carolina Museum of Transportation, Spencer, transportation industries, Journey Stories, rail, road, water, air, Conestoga wagon, Rowan County, Great Wagon Road, Civil War, locomotives, automobiles, Mack, Freightliner, Carolina Freight, Malcolm McLean, “airphibian”, Wright Brothers, Tom Davis, Eastern Airlines, Wilmington, Fort Fisher

Description:  Martha Jackson, Curator at the North Carolina Museum of Transportation in Spencer, writes on the Journey Stories exhibit that follows North Carolina’s transportation legacy.


Title: Kephart Journeys to the Smokies

Creator: Pamela A. Meister

Subject:  Western Carolina University, Jackson County Library, Sylva, Journey Stories, Fontana Dam, Cataloochee Valley, National Park Service, Cherokee, Mountain Heritage Center, Horace Kephart, Camping and Woodcraft, Our Southern Highlanders, Appalachia, Great Smokey Mountains, George Masa, Mount Kephart, Masa Knob, The National Parks: America’s Best Idea, Hunter Library, “Horace Kephart: Revealing An Engima”

Description:  Pamela A. Meister, Curator at Cullowhee’s Moutain Heritage Center, writes on Journey Stories exhibit “Horace Kephart: Revealing an Engima”.


Title: Pender County Journeys

Creator: Michael Y. Taylor

Subject:  melting pot, Burgaw, Pender County, explorers, Northeast Cape Fear River, train depot, involuntary journeys, slave, railroad, St. Helena, Italian farmers, Slovakians, Poles, Hungarians, Austrians, Russians, cultures, traditions, influences

Description: Director of Pender County Public Libraries in Burgaw, Michael Y. Taylor describes the “mosaic of cultures and traditions” of which Pender County’s history is comprised and will be exhibited in Journey Stories


Title: Robeson County’s Airflight Past

Creator:  Blake Tyner

Subject:  Robeson County History Museum, Journey Stories, Smithsonian Institute, flight, Angus Wilton McLean, Ida Van Smith, Thomas Oxendine, William McArthur, Charles Lindbergh, Wright Brothers, Ida Van Smith Flight Club, American Indian, Navy Flight School, NASA, Laurinburg-Maxton Air Base, Scotland County, glider

Description:  Blake Tyner, Executive Director and Curator of Lumberton’s Robeson County History Museum, writes on the Journey Stories exhibit which chronicles Robeson County’s varied flight history. 


Title:  Pushing the Boundaries: Batteau Transportation Changed Rockingham County Forever

Creator: Kim Proctor

Subject:  Museum and Archives of Rockingham County, Wentworth, Journey Stories, Museum on Main Street, Smithsonian Institution, waterway, navigation, batteau, transportation, American Revolution, Thomas Jefferson, Nathaniel Greene, Roanoke River, Dan River, Virginia, Roanoke Navigation Company, Leaksville, Madison

Description:  Executive Director of the Rockingham County Historical Society Museum and Archives, Kim Proctor, writes about the Journey Stories exhibit on waterway navigation and the history of batteau transportation in Rockingham County.


From the Field

Title: Windows to the Past: People, Place, and Memory in Downtown Greensboro

Creator: Benjamin Filene and the Windows to the Past Project Team

Subject:  University of North Carolina Greensboro, downtown, Greensboro, interviews, history, museum studies, community, research, “hidden histories”, buildings, digital, humanities, voice, tour, rediscover, Windows to the Past, Gate City, John Motley Morehead, Elm Street, Hamburger Square, Jim’s Lunch, Natty Greens, Charlie Cleveland Sharpe

Description:  Director of public history and associate professor at UNCG, Benjamin Filene and a group of graduate students collaborate on a multi-faceted project, Windows to the Past: People, Places & Memory in Downtown Greensboro, that offers public audience different ways of touring downtown Greensboro.


North Carolina Humanities Council

Title: Harlan Joel Gradin Award for Excellence in the Public Humanities

Creator: North Carolina Humanities Council

Subject:  Gaston County Public Library, recipient, Harlan Joel Gradin Award for Excellence in the Public Humanities, Standing on a Box: Lewis Hine’s National Child Labor Committee Photography in Gaston County, 1908,Carol Reinhardt, National Child Labor Committee, textile, mill, Piedmont, Cindy Moose, Loray Mill, Trenton Mill, Ozark Mill, Melvill Manufacturing Company, Cherryville, High Shoals Mill

Description:  The Gaston County Public Library won the 2011 Harlan Joel Gradin Award for Public Excellence in the Public Humanities for the exhibit Standing on a Box: Lewis Hine’s National Child Labor Committee Photography in Gaston County, 1908


The Last Word

Title: Fiddle Song

Creator: John Thomas York

Subject:  short story, fiddle, Shubal Miller, heirloom, ballad, memory, Mt. Pleasant,

Description: John Thomas York writes a short story about his fiddle-playing great-grandfather, Shubal Miller, who left behind a legacy of memories and music.