Teachers Institute

Appalachian Voices Seminar

The Teachers Institute, a free professional education development program, brings teachers together to study the history, literature, music, and art of North Carolina’s diverse communities and people.  Participants in the Teachers Institute find their eagerness to inquire, to imagine, and to learn rekindled and sustained.

This program provides access to continued intellectual growth for K-12 public school educators from across the state.  Connecting classroom teachers and university scholars, the Teachers Institute creates the rigorous, stimulating environment found in the best graduate education.  Weekend seminars throughout the year and a week-long summer seminar are content-rich, intellectually stimulating, and interdisciplinary.

Participants engage in the academic challenge of graduate-level study, enjoying RESPECT as intellectual professionals.

Teachers experience RENEWAL as they interact with their peers and discover anew their own passion for learning.

Participants leave the Institute experience knowing the best REWARD is when their enthusiasm for learning is reflected in their students’ excitement about learning.

"I learned more, read more, discussed more, and used more critical thinking skills than ever before. I was learning all the time. I felt a sense of intellectual and professional respect."
            ~ Institute Participant


A History of the Teachers Institute

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