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Disability Pride Month Books and Resources


NC Humanities joins in observing Disability Pride Month! This month, and every month, NC Humanities works to celebrate and uplift histories, stories, and cultures of all North Carolinians.


This month we are giving away 1 copy of the children’s book River the Three Legged Dog by North Carolina author Caitlynne Garland!



Are there people who pick on you because you look different? Maybe you wear glasses. Maybe you have a lot of freckles. Maybe your hair is a different color. Maybe you travel the world on four wheels. Maybe your skin is a different color. Maybe everyone can see your surgery scar. Maybe you use hearing aids to hear the world better. Maybe you’re not the first one picked for team sports. There will always be people in the world that look at or treat you differently because they think you look or act differently. Just like River, you can do whatever you put your mind to. The only person in the world that can keep you from your dreams is yourself. Believe in yourself.


Head to NC Humanities’ Instagram to enter to win! The giveaway closes July 31.


Additionally, we invite you to read through the below list of resources that explore and pay tribute to Disability Pride Month. This is just a short collection of the amazing  resources that are available. We encourage our readers to explore beyond what we have listed.



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