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Grantee Resources

If you have been awarded a grant by North Carolina Humanities, please use the resources below to manage your grant. We are here to support your success! Throughout the process, if you experience changes or challenges in your grant project, please reach out to our staff so we can listen and help.

Helpful Links

Publicity Guidelines

Steps to Acknowledging Your Project:

  • Download our all-in-one Grantee Toolkit (above) for acknowledgment requirements, logos, press release templates, social media images, and more!
  • Remember to share news about your grant on your own website too.
  • Grantees are encouraged to submit grant-related events to our web calendar as soon as they are confirmed.
  • You can customize one of the press releases provided in the Toolkit and share it with your local media outlets. 
  • Invite elected officials to your events, and keep them updated on future programs.
  • When posting about your project on social media, please tag us using @NCHumanities whenever possible.
    • Typically, we will try to repost your content to our social media pages when we are notified of a post through tagging.
  • If you need help, use the sample social media images found in the Toolkit.
  • Here are some sample social media posts to help promote your project.
    • We are excited to announce that [organization name] received a grant from @nchumanities an affiliate of @nehgov! This grant will support [explain what your grant will be used for]. [insert a link to your press release or website]
    • Thank you @nchumanities for awarding [organization name] a grant for [project name]! @nehgov
    • We will host [project/event name] on [date/location/time]. Learn more by visiting our website [insert link to your press release or project website page]. Thank you @ncumanities and @nehgov for supporting this [project/event].
  • If you’re looking for an additional engagement opportunity, you can participate in our Grantee Selfie Campaign. The instructions can be found in the Toolkit. 

Boiler Plate:

About North Carolina Humanities: Through public humanities programs and grantmaking, North Carolina Humanities connects North Carolinians with cultural experiences that spur dialogue, deepen human connections, and inspire community. NC Humanities is a statewide nonprofit and affiliate of the National Endowment for the Humanities. To learn more visit

Name Abbreviation:

In written communication, North Carolina Humanities should always be written out on first reference. Upon second reference, North Carolina Humanities, NC Humanities, or NCH is acceptable. Do not use N.C.H. or N.C. Humanities.

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